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Eurol Diesel Flow Improver 250ml

Eurol Diesel Flow Improver 250ml

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  • Voorkomt stromingsproblemen tijdens winterse omstandigheden.
  • Verlaagt de temperatuur waarbij de wassen gaan klonteren, waardoor u in de winter kunt blijven rijden.


Fuel additive for lowering the pour point of diesel

Eurol Diesel Flow Improver is an additive to lower the pour point of diesel to prevent flow problems during winter conditions. When the temperature of diesel reaches the cloud point, the paraffins present in diesel begin to form wax crystals. These crystals flow with the fuel and cover the fuel filter, resulting in a reduced fuel supply to the engine.

Eurol Diesel Flow Improver is an excellent flow improver, which influences the build-up of wax crystals at low temperatures in both high-sulfur and low-sulfur diesel. High-sulfur diesel has different cold flow properties than its successor, low-sulfur diesel. Diesel that is not made suitable for lower temperatures requires the addition of Eurol Diesel Flow Improver to keep the engine supplied with sufficient fuel. Eurol Diesel Flow Improver lowers the temperature at which the waxes will lump, allowing you to continue driving in the winter. Eurol Diesel Flow Improver is composed in such a way that it completely dissolves in diesel, as long as it is added before the diesel has reached its cloud point.

A 250ml can of Eurol Diesel Flow Improver is recommended for use in 35L to 65L fuel. Most fuel producers add a minimum amount of these chemicals to the fuel to provide the necessary protection during the colder months.

The amount of flow improver that the producer adds to the fuel is geared to the country where the fuel is to be sold. When traveling to a country with a colder climate, with a fuel purchased in a country with a warmer climate, any problems can be prevented by using Eurol Diesel Flow Improver.

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